Is Your Workload Still On-Premises?

Time to Migrate and Modernize Your Apps and Database to AWS

Accelerate your company workload migration and modernization from hosting, public cloud, and on-premise environments to AWS.

What is AWS Application & Database Migration

AWS Application & Database Migration is a service that allows you to move and modernize your apps, websites, databases, storage, and servers to AWS data centers. At every phase of your cloud journey, AWS offers a solution to help you simplify and accelerate workload migration. From 2006 to the now, AWS and partners worked to develop a range of features to help in the migration to a secure cloud.

The AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) tool on AWS makes it simple to migrate business applications to the cloud with minimal modifications and downtime. AWS MGN will convert servers automatically, reducing time-consuming and failure manual tasks. Meanwhile, the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) tool will quickly and securely migrate databases to AWS. During the migration, the database remains fully operational, eliminating downtime for database-dependent applications.

Why Should You Migrate to AWS?

Evaluation of Specific Migration Requirements

Get relevant advice for your specific migrating requirements.

Migrate Workload Using AWS Application Migration Service

To migrate business apps, get fast access to AWS Application Migration Service.

Assess and mobilize

Build a data-driven transition plan, track application migration processes in one area, and discover more local server inventory and behavior.

Safe and Save Time and Cost

Migrating to AWS databases that are fully managed is quick and safe, saving both time and money.

Migrate Apps

Migrate your traditional business applications to the cloud, that supports Microsoft, SAP, and VMware workloads, to reduce infrastructure expenses and downtime.

Storage Migration

Sync, automate, and speed up file transfers to and from AWS Storage with ease.

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