Traditional Backup is Inefficient!

Use AWS to Build a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

With AWS Backup & Disaster Recovery, you can protect your business data with the highest levels of resilience and security, as well as data transfer techniques that reduce downtime.

What is AWS Backup & Disaster Recovery

Traditional backup techniques are deemed outdated due to the exponential expansion of data globally, making backups more complex than ever. The cloud backup solution is now widely used since it provides higher scalability and reduces downtime.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers storage, data transmission methods, and reduced downtime to help you build data protection solutions with unrivaled security and resiliency. The AWS partner network supports AWS Backup for backup storage cloud, ensuring that your data is well-managed and unaffected in the case of a disaster.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

More Cost Efficient

Get a quotation for customized backup and recovery with just US$0.025 per GB backup to Amazon S3 (Jakarta region), cost management tools, and data lifecycle policies.

Flexibility & Scalability

Minimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) with managed services that eliminate infrastructure maintenance. Optimize your storage costs based on how frequently and quickly you need to access your data.

Data Durability

Protect your backups with 99.999999999% data durability in one AWS region are used to make and store all copies of data transferred to Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier.

Backup of All Data Types

Backup all types of data, ensuring that data is available alongside industry-leading scalability, availability, robustness, and security.

Security and Compliance

Manage access, activity detection, data encryption, and audits for all regulatory requirements.

Different Data Transfer Methods

Streamline data transfer across the internet, transfer petabytes to exabytes of offline data, and set up AWS Storage Gateway.

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