Are You Ready for Data-Driven
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The data-driven era has arrived. It’s time to think bigger to find out how your business can handle and analyze data more intelligently to deliver the insights your customers need.

About AWS Analytics

AWS Analytics provides a complete suite of analytics services tailored to your data analysis needs, allowing companies of all sizes and industries to innovate with data. AWS provides tailor-made services that provide the best performance and scalability at the lowest cost, spanning from data movement to data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, log analytics, streaming analytics, and machine learning.

What Are the Benefits of AWS Analytics?

Machine Learning Integration

Without any machine learning experience, you can build, train, and deploy machine learning models using common SQL commands.

Designed for Performance and Cost

Extract data insights using the most suitable and optimized tools for your needs in terms of performance, scale, and cost.

Unified Security and Data Access

Establish security, governance, and audit policies in accordance with industry and geographical regulations. You also get the flexibility and security of data access from any location where it is stored.

Serverless and Easy to Use

AWS offers serverless data analytics options in the cloud, including data warehousing, big data analytics, real-time data, data integration, and more.

Scalable Data Lakes

Build and store your data lakes on AWS for greater insights than traditional data silos and data warehouses.

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