About Central Data Technologys

A CTI Group subsidiary, CDT offers a wide range of IT products and services including provider cloud computing to assist you in achieving your business objectives. These services range from assessments to help you determine solid products and solutions that meet your business needs, to implementing procedures to assist the digital transformation of your company. With the support of CDT’s experienced and internationally certified IT team, your company can also benefit from the power of AWS cloud services. 

By leveraging AWS’s secure and scalable infrastructure, CDT can help you migrate applications, data, and other workloads to the cloud, enabling increased flexibility and efficiency. With the combined expertise of CDT and the capabilities of AWS cloud, your business can unlock new possibilities and accelerate growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

AWS Partner of The Year 2022

To become a reliable partner, CDT strives to consistently develop the team’s knowledge and capability, as shown by the completion of all types of technical certifications on AWS.

CDT has already diverse experience from a variety of industry sectors across countries, along with proven customers satisfaction. CDT also has been validated to run the AWS program in order to maximize customer benefits.

Trust Your Cloud Technology Migration to an Experienced and Certified AWS Partner.

We have more than. 100 certified team ready to help you to implement cloud solution based on your company needs. We are continuously trained and certified in order to improve capabilities, and it strives to increase customer satisfaction by providing the best solutions for customers.

CDT has currently achieved 3 specific competencies in DevOps, Storage Service, and Windows Server Delivery workloads which are continuously being added to strengthen our cloud expertise in order to improve service delivery and boraden solution offerings that suit your company needs.
CDT continously runs variety of programs that are available in order to maximize the advantages for your business.