AWS’s Safest SAP Investment Provides
Flexibility and Value

With AWS’s most secure, reliable, and comprehensive cloud infrastructure, you can get more flexibility and value through your SAP investment.

What Is AWS SAP?

In early 2008, the SAP NetWeaver system on AWS Dev & Test began offering self-service to internals. Finally, the SAP HANA system became online on AWS in November 2011. AWS and SAP have collaborated to test and certify a subset of Amazon EC2 instances for use with SAP’s solution.

The migration to SAP S/4HANA with AWS services is specifically designed to keep employees focused on adding value. AWS provides SAP clients with an unsurpassed cloud experience.

Why SAP Customers Choose AWS?

Incomparable Experience

SAP has relied on AWS since 2008, and AWS has helped SAP’s 5,000+ active customers transform their businesses.

Customer Flexibility and Choice

AWS is the most preferred and proven approach to SAP cloud success, including migration to S/4HANA and innovating and changing with AWS services.

Comprehensive Security and Compliance

Gain control for your business with flexibility and security in today’s cloud environment, which includes additional security standards and compliance certifications.

Minimized Downtime

Migration to the cloud from on-premise infrastructure can improve agility and response times. Companies can focus on providing a major source of competitive advantage by minimizing downtime that results in business losses.

Cost Saving

Customers who moved ECC to AWS had a 103 percent ROI after three years, according to a Forrester report in 2021.

Most Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Take advantage of AWS Global Infrastructure’s unparalleled reliability and flexibility.

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