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What is AWS Container & Microservices

AWS Containers allow you to pack application code, configurations, and dependencies into a single object. Containers share an operating system that is installed on servers and run as resource isolated processes, providing a faster, more reliable, and consistent deployment regardless of the business environment.

What Are the Benefits of AWS Container?


AWS provides 210 types of security, compliance, and governance services, as well as key features that are almost 40 times larger than those provided by other major cloud providers.


AWS Container Services run on the best global infrastructure, with 84 different kinds of Availability Zones spread over 26 different regions.

Full Choice

AWS Containers offers a diverse set of services for running your containers, from which you can choose based on your needs.

AWS Integration

Your container applications can benefit from the AWS cloud’s networking, security, and monitoring features for optimal security and elasticity.

What Are the Benefits of AWS Micro-services?


Working with separate service components helps you to respond to issues and opportunities more quickly.

Easy Deployment

Reduce the size of changes and make it easy to experiment with new ideas, even if things don’t go as planned.

Technological Freedom

Give yourself the freedom to choose the best tools for creating each part of the application.


Each service can be independently scaled to meet the feature requirements of supported applications.


Each service can be independently scaled to meet the feature requirements of supported applications.

Reusable Code

Apps can develop their own structures and allow developers to create new features by using existing services through APIs rather than writing code from scratch

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