Migration Study Case: GRP Effectively Reduce Cost More Than 50% since Migrate to AWS Cloud

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February 17, 2023

About PT Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk

PT Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk (GRP) is a member of Gunung Steel Group, one of the largest private steel companies in Indonesia.  With more than 50 years of experience in the steel industry, GRP produce 2,200,000 tons of high quality steel annually for Indonesia and global industrial companies.


GRP Challenge

GRP has been experiencing significant growth in their business, there has been a need for an overhaul of their IT infrastructure. As GRP is a manufacturing company that depends on the smooth running of their production processes, several critical applications needed to be migrated to the cloud.

Previously, GRP ran their applications on both cloud and on-premise systems. However, with an increasing demand from the activation team, demand for I/O Disk, and performance CPO memory, there has been a need for improved performance.

“We faced challenges with technical support and cost-effectiveness from previous cloud provider for our SAP applications. We are looking for options where we can have the desired performance with high availability without incurring significant costs.” Said Andrean Effendi, part of GRP’s IT Infrastructure team,


CDT Proposed Solutions

CDT team proposed a solution for GRP’s IT infrastructure overhaul with several AWS Cloud’s services. The data was pulled from the previous cloud and stored in AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in AWS Cloud. To ensure data security and availability, AWS S3 was used as backup storage and a network cloud balancer was also implemented.

During the migration process, there were issues with the stability of the connection and there was no direct access to the infrastructure since the data was being migrated from a different cloud provider. To overcome this challenge, the CDT team helped set up redundancy to ensure the migration could continue without any disruption and created a simulation environment to simulate the production environment in previous cloud. This allowed the team to test and validate the migration process without affecting the production environment.

Additionally, CDT adhered to the AWS formula for migration strategy, specifically for re-purchasing, with upgrading the company OS and SAP. The migration process involved migrating around 300-400 GB of SAP data to the cloud. The CDT team worked diligently to ensure a smooth migration process and minimize any disruptions to GRP’s production processes.


Results And Benefits

As a result of the migration, GRP was able to modernize their IT infrastructure and enhance their production processes. The migration process itself was completed much faster than expected.

“The migration was completed on January 1st, 2023, and the entire process took only 9-10 hours, far less than the initial expectation of 2 days. The migration was smooth and efficient, resulting in minimal disruption to GRP’s production processes.” Said Andrean.

Other benefits of the migration is the cost savings, which were significant, with a reduction of 60% from the previous cloud provider. Additionally, the availability of the network connection has been significantly improved through the implementation of redundant tunnels. Previously, the network relied on only one tunnel, but now there are two, increasing availability in the event of a failure. Even the company previous one tunnel network, has seen improved availability due to the implementation of these redundant tunnels. Lastly, the CDT team as AWS Cloud advance partner provided fast and successfully support throughout the migration process, responding promptly to any issues that arose.